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Stefan Beaudoin
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Stefan Beaudoin What a Fantastic find. This album for me is one of the best, almost up their with Shape of Despairs latest. Favorite track: Alone.
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GiovanniAntonio Great album with well written songs and meaningful lyrics. Looking forward to future releases! Favorite track: Mourn.
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released March 3, 2015



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Paid Charons Fare Trier, Germany

Paid Charons Fare was founded as a one-man-project in 2013.

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Track Name: Mourn
The walls are breaking
Let the flood come in
Oh sweet river of tears
Your suffering has ended
As ours has just begun

Sorrow is all around
Echoes of you, remembrance
My heart breathes the dark
Way to your grave feels like infinity
Steps like a burden
I breathe the dark

How can you leave me here?
Alone in this place of fear

In dreams of splendor
I relive those days
When sorrow was far away
Oh vicious conciousness
Let me drown in a river of tears
Track Name: The Mourners Anthem
I hold darkness
With the weight of eternity
When all the pain is taking over
I cut it out and set it free

I got to break the silence
Yell the mourners anthem
bleed out the pain in sound
I fade away

I give in the essential need
Deal with long forgotten scars
Beat the strings, allow to bleed

I got to break the silence
Yell the mourners anthem
bleed out the pain in sound
I fade away
Track Name: When Time Turns Minutes To Days
Wait for the sun to rise
No rest for darkened minds
The echoes shining bright
All painted blue and white

Float in the light of mars
Awaken deadly scars
Relive the fading light
The day my soul has died
Track Name: Alone
Walls come closer, dark awakes
Knives cut deeper in your veins
Reaching for a helping hand
Friends go further, far away

In the end we are all just alone

Praise your false gods, hold on to your rope
Your illusions of human relations
Turn around, what do you see?
Abandoned are you left to be

Praise your false gods, your will to survive
Until your realize it's all just a lie
Turn around, what do you see?
Only shadows left to me

Eyes like needles in the dark
Silent whispers erode your spark
Reaching for a death to come
Will is broken, eyes are numb

Sorrow - you're facing alone
All the echoes and memories bleeding your heart
Sorrow - you're facing alone
Like a lone soldier fighting the demons that swallow your soul
Track Name: Dead Inside
Step by step through the pouring rain
Stab by stab hammer down the remains of my will
Constant dripping pierce the stone
Small strokes fell the big oak

In the end we will all reach the point of no return
Embrace the end for it marks the turning point to indifference
I'll be the guest of honour at my own funeral
Burry it all, cleanse my soul, kill my heart

Walk on empty shell
Keep pretending
Beat on empty heart
The worst is over now
No feeling means no misery
Dead soul that once was whole

I'm dead inside